Electronic Vs. Analog Pressure Gauges—Comparing the Pros and Cons

Since the 1950s, digitization has played an instrumental role in shaping the world we live in. It has rendered analog technology obsolete. Forbes put it correctly: ones and zeros are eating the world. However, there are still some analog devices that are not obsolete, not yet, at least.

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Understanding What Test Gauge Accuracy Is

Oil extraction is fraught with danger and risk where even the slightest miscalculation can, at the very least, cost millions of dollars. No one should need reminding of the Deepwater Horizon debacle and the many other oil-rig disasters that led to huge fatalities and massive financial losses for the owners of these rigs. If anything, these incidents remind us of testing gauges before, and during, any drilling operation.

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Advancements in Process Instrumentation in Oil and Gas Industry

Process instrumentation played a pivotal role in the first and second industrial revolutions. It has significantly evolved over the past few decades and serves as an integral part of the industrial process across a wide range of sectors. The right process instrumentation ensures smooth workflow and safe operations, which allow for timely project completion.

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