Drilling techniques used for the exploration, extraction, and production of oil and natural gas have evolved immensely since the nineteenth century.

Most of these innovations were driven by the highly technical nature of this process. Drilling for crude oil, for example, can be highly corrosive for the equipment being used. This is why steel is usually used, since it has high rust resistance, and is also quite strong and durable.

The next important thing to consider is the type of equipment you are using. Because of the technical aspects of the oil and gas industry, you need to make sure the equipment you’re using is accurate and helps increase the efficiency of the process.

Take a look at some of the instruments that experts agree are the most important parts of any drilling rig:

Electronic Gauges:

Working in oilfields involves jobs that deal with high-pressure gases and liquids. These can be quite dangerous for operators and can put them in jeopardy if they don’t have the correct equipment. Electronic gauges contribute toward increased safety for workers by helping minimize high pressure levels in the lines. They are also equipped with various alarms and options for cutting off the output of high-pressure pumps.

Custom Cables:

The cables that are used in oil rigs are often exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, mud, mechanical stress, and moisture. Custom cables are created using specifically engineered molds and molding processes to facilitate drilling rigs. They can withstand extreme pressures and are long-lasting due to the techniques used while manufacturing them.

Hydraulically Operated Weight Indicator Systems:

A good weight indicator system is essential for an accurate reading on drill rigs. Hydraulic weight indicator systems are user-friendly and low-maintenance. They provide accurate and reliable readings on weight, compression and tension. They are also quite strong and durable. They can withstand the enormous pressures of rig systems and can be used for various applications on the rig such as intervention, well workovers, tool protection, and floor block applications. Hydraulically Operated Weight Indicator Systems can also prevent issues such as line tension and come in a variety of size and style options such as bulk tank, coil tubing, midget, and differential.

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