A drilling rig is a machine designed specifically to drill gas, oil and geothermal wells, hence it’s made of highly complex and durable components. One of the simplest yet highly useful and important oil rigging instruments is a weight indicator system.

This blog will explain everything there is to know about weight indicator systems.

What is a weight indicator system?

A weight indicator system use chart recorders, load cells, or sensors to precisely calculate compression, tension, or weight. It is mandatory for drilling rigs with weight over 75,000 pounds to use a weight indicator system in order to provide accurate and reliable readings. As they are used in tough external environments, they should be manufactured using heavy duty materials so they can stand up to harsh drilling rig conditions. 

They are an intricate mechanical device that uses advanced technology. The display is provided using an LCD or LED screen, which can vary from decimals to digitals. When designing an efficient weight indicator device, an extensive knowledge of computer program and electronics comes into play. It’s a great way to calculate compression easier and faster

Advantages of weight indicator systems

There are several advantages of using a weight indicator system, some of which are as follows:

  • It offers a calibration of ± 0.5% accuracy. This results in accurate and reliable readings and avoids the loss of valuable downhole tools.
  • It is purpose-designed to withstand extreme environments, ranging from -20° to 120° F.
  • It is available in different capacities and line lengths, offering the room to select the right one for each specific task.
  • It allows for custom onsite adjustment due to calibration controls and operator-adjustable pointer response time.

Types of weight indicator systems

There are different types of weight indicator systems available in the market. Some of the common ones include:

Deflection Type Weight Indicator

The deflection-type weight indicator is a perfect choice for small drilling rigs. Compact and adaptable, this weight indicator system can be moved from one rig to another with ease. Owing to its compact design, a simple dial rotation can do the trick.

Anchor Type Weight Indicators

Anchor-type weight Indicators comes in two forms: panel or box mounted. Both of them are extremely simple to use and maintain. These type of weight indicators use a deadline anchor mounted sensor and hydraulic, which makes them highly reliable yet affordable.

Type C Weight Indicator

Type C and G weight indicator can either be employed in the role of backup or used by itself on an oil rig. Its compact design and dependable operation make it an ideal option in the oil rig industry.

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