A load cell is a device that’s used to calculate force or weight in a number of different applications. It can be used to measure bending compression, tension, or other forces. It serves as a transducer that converts force into an electrical signal.

Today, we’re going to discuss compression load cells, which have wide industrial applications. So without further ado, let’s get started:

How Does a Compression Load Cell Work?

A compression load cell is a block that’s designed to measure compression by holding a load at one point. Unlike tension load cells, which measure pulling force, compression load cells measure a pushing force along a single axis. They are typically placed beneath the object that requires measuring.

There are numerous applications for compression load cells. They are used to calculate relative changes in resistance. As compression load cells are equipped with a Wheatstone bridge circuit, which can measure relative changes with a high level of precision, results are quite accurate.

Compression load cells are manufactured using high-quality, tough materials that are resistant to rusting and scratches. But it’s still critical to keep the base plate free from any deformities to ensure accurate results. In quality compression load cells, the base plate has a hardened cover to provide greater stability. 

Compression load cells have a compact and smart design; hence, they can also be used in areas with limited space. They handle high capacity loads without compromising the accuracy of the results. Large compression load cells come with the capacity to measure up to 1000 tons—or even more weight—with great precision.

Compression load cells have several applications. They are not limited to rigging plants, but can also be used in industries where products are sold by weight. Moreover, they are also used for plant engineering and tank weighing. This simple process of measurement allows for fast processing and output, which improves productivity and keeps costs to a minimum.

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