Pressure gauges are used all over the globe in industrial environments, particularly in the oil and gas drilling industry. In fact, pressure sensors are among the most heavily used instruments in oil drilling plants.

That’s why we asked our professionals to shed some light on their various use cases and functions. So let’s get started:

What is a pressure gauge?

A pressure gauge is an instrument that enables construction workers to measure the condition of a fluid—either liquid or gas. The reading on the gauge shows the difference between two pressures.

The science behind pressure gauges

Pressure gauges measure pressure by means of mechanical movements, which are converted into the rotary motion of the pointer. In industrial measurement technology, two different variants of pressure gauges are used: Bourdon tube and diaphragm.

They work using different operating principles, and hence, are appropriate for different applications. Bourdon tube pressure gauges measure pressure using a Bourdon tube, which transmits pressure directly to the pointer.

They cover the majority of applications, but there are certain tasks they can’t perform. That’s where diaphragm pressure gauges come handy. These gauges transmit the pressure via a diaphragm to a link, which transfers the pressure to the movement.

Diaphragm pressure gauges are ideal for measuring low levels of pressure and also provide good protection against overload.  

Types of pressure gauges

There are several types of pressure gauges available, including single pointer pressure gauges, compound pressure gauges, standpipe pressure gauges, and more. All of these pressure gauges are used for various industrial applications.

For instance, single pointer pressure gauges help operators keep an eye on mud pump operations by providing accurate readings that can be used to detect any problems in operation processes, and so on.

Final words

If you work in the oil and gas industry, it’s recommended to obtain a good understanding of pressure gauges and learn how to use, maintain, and calibrate them efficiently.

It’s recommended to only use top-quality pressure gauges from reputable manufacturers to ensure accurate readings.

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