Analog pressure gauges are compact, simple instruments that are heavily used in the oil drilling industry. As the device is used to measure high pressures, it’s not uncommon for errors to occur. In fact, it’s one of the instruments that are most likely to experience calibration problems.

In this blog, we’ll discuss three simple techniques for adjusting a pressure gauge that will help you to get accurate pressure readings. So without any further ado, let’s get started:

Open the vent to release pressure

Changes in altitude and temperature can cause pressure build-up, which has an effect on the needle’s reading.

An easy and simple trick to adjust a pressure gauge is opening the vent. It will allow the pressure that’s built up inside the gauge to release.

Just make sure that after the pressure is released, you carefully re-seal the vent, otherwise, it can release the oil and lead to oil leakage.  

Adjust the needle

If releasing the pressure doesn’t resolve the problem, you should consider opening the protective cover of the pressure gauge.

It will allow you to access the needle pointer inside the gauge and fix it, either by using the zero shift method or the span shift correction method.

  • Zero shift method: This involves removing the needle and repositioning it on the zero scale.
  • Span shift correction method: This involves connecting the gauge to a pressure source and generating a pressure that’s half the scale. For instance, generate a 50 psi pressure, then fix the pressure gauge needle on the 50 psi.

Later on, supply the pressure to verify the readings.

Adjusting the screw

Many pressure gauges come with an adjustable screw that’s located either around the dual face or the rear side of the needle.

Remove the cover of your pressure gauge to find the screw. Turn it on the right or left direction depending on the needle position.

Once you’re done with the process, perform verification.

Final words

All pressure gauges are not the same. In fact, they greatly differ in quality.  It’s important to choose a high-quality pressure gauge to minimize the chances of errors and inaccurate readings.

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