Oilfield work is considered to be one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Due to high-pressure and a physically demanding work environment, ensuring workplace safety for the workforce can become extremely difficult.

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A simple human error or lapse of judgment can lead to hazardous situations and catastrophic accidents. The biggest danger in such spaces has to do with heavy equipment and instruments, which can easily maim workers or cause other serious injuries.

Here are three safety tips for working with oil rig instrumentation to minimize the chances of accidents:

Tip#1: Ensure reliable lighting

Oil rigs are situated at sea, where things can get very dark. The risk of injuries is further heightened during storms and bad weather conditions. This makes operating oil rig instrumentation quite challenging for workers, particularly after the sun goes down.

The lack of lighting can create hazardous situations for operators, especially in low or confined areas. Therefore, it’s vital to ensure reliable lighting throughout the oil rig so workers—crane operators, in particular—are able to operate equipment safely.

Tip#2: Keep work surfaces slip-proof

In addition to maintaining reliable lighting, it’s critical to keep all surfaces on an oil rig clean and dry. While this can be difficult—considering the fact that the rig is surrounded by water—it’s important to go the extra mile to get this done.

Wiping down the rig should be a part of regular maintenance. Here, attention to detail is non-negotiable. It’s also essential to wipe clean rig equipment and machinery—like the steps of tower cranes—to avoid disasters.

Tip#3: Use high-quality oil rig instrumentation

Using high-quality oil rig instrumentation can improve the overall safety of your oil rig and substantially reduce the chances of accidents. Using equipment like pressure gauges and weight indicators will prevent problems that could give rise to hazardous situations.

Similarly, using instruments like load cells and pressure sensors, overmolded cables, trash pumps, and other oil drilling instrumentation will maximize safety levels on the rig and will keep operators, workers, and machinery safe and protected.

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