Analog pressure gauges were all the rage once. With readings that have been provided through sensor technologies and their measurements of below-atmospheric pressure, they were used across the board before digital pressure gauges became all the rage. Although analog pressure gauges have been known to provide reliable and quick pressure readings, industries are increasingly adopting digital pressure gauges.

And there are good reasons for that.

Pressure Gauges and What They Do

Pressure gauges measure gas and liquid pressures quickly and directly. Used commonly in various industries, pressure gauges have a significant role to play when it comes to energy production companies.

It was more than 150 years ago, during the Industrial Revolution, that analog pressure gauges were developed, with the rising popularity of steam processes in factories. Technological advancement wasn’t as heightened at that time as it is these days, and so analog pressure gauges carried on successfully into the 1980s. Then, the digital age began—and soon, digital gauges became the new big thing.

Following the 2000s, even newer manufacturing techniques and technologies are being used. While analog gauges might still be in use, there are far greater advantages with digital gauges.

Why Industries Gravitate Around Digital Gauges

Instead of sensor technologies, readings are displayed in digital pressure gauges via pressure transducers. Their results are fast, accurate, and can be powered through a number of ways: batteries, solar power, and so on. The major reasons many fast-paced industries prefer pressure gauges are:

They’re Durable: No matter how extreme the temperature or dangerous the condition, a digital pressure gauge will function without fail even in areas that experienced intense mechanical vibrations—such as drilling fields. They are designed in a way that they can withstand cracking. Made from stainless steel or aluminum, they usually have plastic exteriors that shield the gauges from flying debris, shocks, chemicals, and drops—things you’d normally expect in a drilling field.

They’re Calibrated: Since software is used for the digital calibration in these pressure gauges, the result is far more precise.

They Can be Customized: You can have your manufacturer change them to suit your application. Engineering units can be changed, and features can be removed. You can also customize them to record, automatically, high and low readings.

They’re Readable: Their clear readouts on their large, legible displays are a clear winner. Many of these gauges come with backlights for additional visibility. Unlike analog gauges, there’s no potential of parallax error here.

Digital Gauges in Canada

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