When we’re talking about any type of process industry, where you’re not working with discrete batches of products—taking measurements is a sensitive and crucial concern. Since there’s no way of discretizing the production outcomes in these industries, you need real time data to measure performance, enforce safety protocols and manage production lines. When we consider oil rigging and oil extraction, accurate and timely data collection can hold the key to safer work procedures, cost efficiencies and long-term business growth.

Process instrumentation is a collection of equipment that is used in the oil extraction activities, or any process industry, used to make these measurements. This includes pressure gauges, weighing equipment, sensors and various types of cables. With respect to the oil industry, it often becomes a central concern because of the dangers of excavating oil.

Process Instrumentation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil extraction is one of the riskiest industries throughout the commercial sphere. We don’t need to look far to realize that even the slightest error in measurement can lead to colossal damage in the form of explosions, fires and oil spills that take years to recover from. Whenever we look at the accidents at oil rigs—such as the Deepwater Horizon explosion or the Haven oil spill of 1991—we realize that they were all caused by some form of instrumentation failure.

The high pressures, extreme temperatures and the chemical nature of the fuels being extracted must all be closely monitored if we are to make the industry safer. It is only through the use of highly-sensitive and durable instruments can we ever pre-empt and prevent possible accidents during the exercise.

How Does Process Instrumentation Help?

The fundamental role of process instrumentation is to pass on information to drill operators about how the extraction process is coming along. These sensors and gauges provide all sorts of information to the drillers, which might indicate rigging failures, mistakes during the excavation process and helps them devise strategies to minimize the associated risks.

Essentially, these gauges and sensors are responsible for making sure that nothing goes wrong during the process. They provide the guidance needed to meet industrial requirements, assess possible technical problems that often arise during excavation and above all else—might be the difference between life or death for the people on the rig.

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