Opportunities for natural gas continue to evolve over time. In the recent past, drilling rig instrumentation and the Internet of Things (IoT) have evolved to play major roles in the industry with regard to preventing mismanagement.

Until a few years ago, the focus was on reducing costs through new transport technology and innovative extraction methods. Now, the emphasis has shifted toward reliability and predictability—and this is where data-gathering systems come in.

Process instrumentation allows users to prevent downtime and analyze data that can predict future failures.

Let’s take a look at how process instrumentation is playing a vital role in the industry.

1. Safety During Production

Safety is a primary concern during natural gas extraction. Leaks can be dangerous and costly—and since natural gas is colorless and odorless, they can go undetected.

The latest technology allows users to monitor the levels of gas (mercaptan) that are used to give natural gas the rotten egg smell. Mixing and blending valves have sensors that closely monitor the percentages mixed in to ensure the levels stay within optimal ranges.

Additionally, pressure gauges keep track of pressure levels, detecting and potential leaks.

2. Better Instruments

Previously, sensors and process equipment had a high failure rate. Improvements in design have made it possible for data sensors to operate for longer, even when exposed to harsh, corrosive environments.

Modern process equipment has fewer moving parts, and optimized hysteresis curves ensure that sensors have a long life and can process information fast.

3. Quick Data Transfer

Transmitters come with smarter communication protocols that allow for more data to be transmitted. Older systems often get bogged down when there’s too much information to process. Transmitters used to run an open loop without confirmation that the data was received.

Smart compilers store data and reset the memory stack only when confirmation is received. This prevents any loss of data during power outages. Moreover, the latest process instruments also have minimal power requirements, allowing them to run for longer.

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