There are several kinds of pressure gauges available in the market that assist drillers in the oil rigging process. Some of the common ones include the Single Pointer Pressure Gauge, Compound Pressure Gauge, and Roughneck Torque.

Today, we’ll discuss the three most important pressure gauges that are used in the oil rig industry, namely, Standpipe Pressure Gauges, Mud Pressures Gauges, and Tong Torque. So without further ado, let’s begin!

Standpipe Pressure Gauges

Standpipe Pressure Gauges are a smart and sophisticated, yet extremely durable piece of hydraulic equipment that notifies a driller in case of a kick, rig vibration, or similar pressure situations.

The mechanism is pretty straightforward. It contains a built-in dampener assembly and blow-out plug safety that can identify changes in pressure and vibrations in the rig. It immediately sends a prompt so remedial measures can be taken.

Readings: Standpipe Pressure Gauges have a stationary dial and movable pointer, which offer clear visuals and show more precise readings.

Mud Pressure Gauges

Mud Pressures Gauges also serve as a very valuable piece of equipment in the oil rig industry. It allows drillers to keep tab of changes in pump pressure during the drilling process and issue an instant alert to help the initiation of corrective measures on time.

They are designed to be extremely durable and sturdy. Some devices contain mud pressure sensors, while others come with diaphragm protectors, both offering dependable and reliable readings.

Readings: The readings of mud pressures gauges are highly accurate, as they can detect and record even the slightest pressure change using a computer pointer system.

Torque Gauge

Torque gauges are another highly functional and valuable kind of equipment used in the oil rigging process. The measuring device allows drillers to measure break-out or make-up torque for drill collars, string components, and tool joints.

Torque gauges have two types: digital and mechanical, both of which provide accurate measurement of torsion during a site testing. They also help drillers during the calibration and verification process. 

Readings: Torque gauges can capture accurate peak torque in both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction. Also, the load-sensing sensor results in precise, sensitive readings.

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