Environmentalists have been delivering fiery speeches in favour of cutting down fossil fuel extraction. They have even proposed the complete elimination of fuel exploitation to save the planet.

Even though their concerns are valid, people, businesses, and economies can’t wean off fossil fuels. Entire business structures, thermal power plants, and transportation networks depend on fossil fuel energy to suffice urban demands.

The extraction of these fuels sustains the livelihood of millions of people across the globe. More than 2 million people are employed in the fossil fuel industry in just the US. There are countless more working in the same sector across the globe. Snatching their only source of income is as unethical as environmentalists claim oil companies to be.

If you want to know why oil companies continue to expand drilling rig projects for oil extraction, read the following points.

Energy Production and By-Products

Fossil fuel is widely used to power engines for land, air, and water transportation. Be it coal, crude oil, or natural gas; they’re the foundation of transportation and shipment. Unlike renewable energy sources, fossil fuels can be refined and processed to produce valuable by-products. Gasoline and propane are by-products of crude oil that are used in commercial and domestic spheres.

Petrochemicals and Other Products

The petrochemical industry heavily depends on fossil fuel extraction, even though crude oil is an indirect raw material.

Once it’s refined into petroleum, it can make hydraulic fluids, motor oil, lubricants, and petroleum jelly. The same petrochemicals are also used to manufacture plastic and polyester.

Even though using plastic is considered non-eco-friendly, we’re still far from erasing it from modern lifestyles. They’re used to make toilet seats, toys, food boxes, utensils, telephones, and tools.

Textile, Agriculture, and Pharmaceuticals

A significant part of fossil fuel extract is Benzene, a core ingredient in solvents, dyes, and even pesticides. These products are crucial for the textile and agriculture industry.

On the other hand, polyester is famous in the textile industry for making different kinds of fabrics.

The pharmaceutical industry is the backbone of the American economy. It’s a stronghold of pharmaceutical development and innovation, and most medicinal formulae go back to American sources. This industry requires bandages, computers, and life-support devices such as MRI scanners made from plastic and petroleum.  

Closing down fossil fuel production will be a significant blow to the healthcare industry, a step we’re not yet ready to take.

Choosing the planet over human life is not a viable solution. Oil companies need to refine their oilfield drilling methods for cleaner extraction and safe disposal.

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