The heavy-duty machinery that’s used in drilling and well-servicing operations is often costly to repair and replace. As such, plant managers are always looking for ways to effectively enhance the useful life of drilling equipment.

Here are some proven strategies that can help you extract maximum value from your equipment:

1. Implement a preventative maintenance plan

A reactive approach to maintenance can be costly because it requires that problems be solved only when they become obvious. If the right parts or technicians aren’t available to resolve the issue, the downtime will be extended significantly.

A preventative maintenance plan can reduce the downtime caused by equipment failure because it allows managers to ensure that equipment is working at maximum efficiency without the risk of major damage. Regular maintenance measures such as lubricating and cleaning filters significantly increase the valuable lifespan of machinery.

2. Use process instrumentation equipment

Subjecting equipment to extreme conditions is one of the most common causes of premature wear and breakdown. Process instrumentation equipment is the best solution for ensuring that your machinery is operating under optimal conditions. This extends the useful life of machinery and lowers replacement and repair costs. For instance, pressure gauges and electronic gauges make it possible to track pressure and temperature and ensure it stays within designated limits.

3. Increase product knowledge

Helping your workers understand the machinery they’re using is the best way to ensure that it’s being used in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. Users must be encouraged to read the equipment manuals thoroughly before use. Keep troubleshooting manuals easily accessible and see if equipment training is required for specialized machinery.

4. Keep track of the service history

Your machinery’s service history will help you understand any potential problems that may occur. A well-documented service history should include information about the type of service performed, service dates, replaced parts, any observed irregularities, and the next scheduled service date.

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