In the past, information that was critical to safe and efficient drilling operations was often difficult to access and analyze. Dispersed collection points and large amounts of data in the form of morning reports, mud reports, circular charts, drill recorder charts, tour reports, and mud logs made it difficult to develop meaningful insights.

As a result, operations managers were often unable to extract valuable data that would make it easier to identify potential faults. It was only after significant damage had already been done that users would be able to diagnose the problem.  

Fortunately, rapid evolution in technology and process instrumentation equipment has made it possible for users to foresee problems before they cause any serious damage.

Here are some developments that facilitate efficient drilling rig operations:

Process Instrumentation Equipment

Process instrumentation includes a wide variety of sensors that allow users to read, measure, record, and identify physical quantities. These sensors are an essential part of any modern drilling rig operation as they ensure process control.

Tong torque indicating systems, weight indicator systems, and mud gauges are all designed to ensure that specific variables stay within predefined limits. Extreme pressure or temperatures compromise worker safety, cause excessive machine wear, and lower the efficiency of your operations.

Robust Data Acquisition System

The front-end data acquisition system is just as important as the sensors. Information measured by the sensors must be adequately delivered to data centers for analysis. This means that it should be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and rig environments.

The continuous flow of information will help users analyze data quickly and take the necessary steps in the event of an anomaly.

Using Geo-logging Techniques

Geo-logging is a relatively recent concept, but has shown overwhelmingly positive results. Highly trained geological professionals conduct a full survey of the rigging site and use data processing programs to incorporate geological data with drilling data.

This allows users to quickly identify high-potential areas, greatly enhancing the efficiency of operations. When implementing the geo-logging concept fully, managers are able to save rig space, manpower, logistics costs and time.

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