As one of the leading process instrumentation providers in the US and Canada, we often meet new recruits at conventions and during training sessions on correct process instrumentation usage. Meeting eager, new faces that will soon become foremost authorities in the industry is something we always look forward to.

Unfortunately, given the current situation, most major industry events have either been postponed or shifted to the virtual space. While the situation is unfortunate, we appreciate these responsible choices that will help curb the spread of COVID-19.

So until we can meet you in person, here’s a little insight into the industry.

1. Dig in and practice

There are two ways to learn about the job. Either you can stand back, watch, and try the task once you’re comfortable with it. Or you can get right in (safely, of course) and tackle the task using a hands-on approach.

Because the day-to-day nuances of drilling can’t be learned from a textbook. You need to get your hands muddy and build credibility among your team—keep in mind that the faster you learn, the more impact you’ll have.

2. Embrace old-school methods

Many techniques and solutions in drilling are about the same or slightly modified compared to how they were about 50 years or so. These tried-and-tested methods offer a lot of value and should be at your fingertips when implementing any drilling project.

Tripping tooling, breaking out a bit, and setting casing are proven techniques that might seem a bit overwhelming at the start. However, once you become familiar with the process, the initial fear turns into caution and respect for the work. Understanding the roots of drilling will help you appreciate existing processes and innovate for success.

3. It’s okay to question

Embracing the old-school doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to do things. If you feel that processes can be improved safety-wise or that procedures can be swapped for simpler ones, don’t be afraid to question the methods.

Collaborate with others and leverage technology and your knowledge base to implement 21st-century solutions. The stigma that new hires cannot contribute anything of value or come up with innovative solutions is outdated. Most companies today welcome new perspectives because it just might end up giving them the competitive edge they need.

As a leading Canadian OEM drilling instrumentation manufacturer, we strive to provide unique instrumentation solutions to the global drilling and well-servicing market.  Our products include clipper weight indicators, standpipe gauges, overmolded cables, brass wear rings, and weight indicators for drilling rigs.

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