Trash pumps or centrifugal pumps are mechanical devices used around the rig site for different applications. The common property of all trash pumps is that they can process effluent that contains solids (trash).

Trash pumps are an essential component of oil rig processes and are used to:

  • Move drilling fluid from the sand trap to the mud system
  • Clean drilling fluid by pumping to the hydro-clones
  • Pump fluid through the mixing hopper
  • Transfer fluid to and from storage tanks
  • Charge pumps for piston pumps

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how trash pumps and how to maximize their efficiency:

How do trash pumps work?

Trash pumps move fluids using rotational energy generated by one or more impellers. As fluid enters the rotating impeller, the fluid’s pressure and velocity increase, and it’s directed towards the pump outlets. The pump casing constricts the fluid from the inlet and moves it into the impeller, where it slows down and separates that trash from the fluid.

What are the limitations of an oil trash pump?

A trash pump relies on the impeller constantly working at high speeds. Consequently, it becomes difficult to handle highly viscous fluids that increase resistance. Contractors may need to increase pressure to maintain the specific flow rate, which can result in overheating, excessive wear, and premature failure.

How to get the most out of your trash pump?

Most modern trash pumps come equipped with non-clog impellers that allow increased efficiency. These impellers clog less frequently and have a clean-out plate that allows simple removal of debris.

Additionally, non-clog impellers are semi-enclosed and include a brass wear ring or wear plate to maximize performance. Semi-enclosed impellers are superior to traditional trash pump impellers because they usually offer higher pumping efficiency.

To maximize productivity and increase the service life of your trash pump, regular maintenance is essential. Harsh conditions on oil rigs lead to extensive wear—frequent inspections and maintenance can avoid equipment failure and costly unplanned downtime.

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