In every industry, some companies are highly sought after by candidates. Every open position receives hundreds, if not thousands of applications, from people vying for a role in that specific organization. So what makes these firms more desirable than competitors?

Well, it’s easy to assume that they offer the highest salaries and thus attract the best talent—but that’s just one part of it. According to a poll by Gallup, organization culture is primarily what attracts and retains top tier talent.

Let’s take a closer look at what that means for organizations in the drilling sector.

1. Health & Safety

Regardless of the industry, every organization should strive to reasonably ensure the safety and health of its employees—but it’s crucial to drilling companies. The nature of the job means that employees often have to operate in less-than-optimal working conditions. Ensure that your employees have essential PPE gear and implement drilling rig instrumentation for additional safety.

You can also offer wellness programs and perks, such as stress management courses, gym membership discounts, and time off for pre/post-natal care. These programs will undoubtedly help you stand out as an employer.

2. Management Training

As the saying goes, people don’t quit their jobs—they quit their boss. To ensure that incoming employees are satisfied with their bosses, start investing in your management team. Training programs can help managers improve various skills, such as team building, communication, leadership qualities, and employee relations. The more adept your managers are at handling teams, the lower your turnover rate will be.

3. Career Progression

Outlining a clear progression path for incoming recruits will clarify your priorities and tell candidates exactly what they need to do in order to advance. Career paths help define goals and motivate employees through promotions and rewards. For instance, if you have high-performing employees, you can offer tuition reimbursement that can help them advance to the next stage of their careers.

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