Pressure gauges are used in several industries and have a wide variety of applications. As such, there are many different types of gauges, and each is designed to fulfill a specific purpose.

Choosing the right gauge based on your application is essential. That’s why we’ve divided different types of gauges according to the usage right here.

Let’s take a look.  

1. Industrial and Commercial Pressure Gauges

Industrial gauges are used in systems where the gauge can’t obstruct the pressure system and offers consistent, reliable readings. They’re used in manufacturing applications, OEM operations, water treatment, hydraulic systems, and RO industries. Commercial gauges are used for general-purpose pressure measurement and are commonly found in refrigeration and HVAC units.

2. Process Pressure Gauges

Process pressure gauges are specifically designed to operate in production processes that are carried out in extreme conditions. These gauges are often subjected to environments with high pressure, extreme temperatures, vibrations, and corrosive substances, such as the petrochemical industry.

A specific example of a process pressure gauge would be the standpipe pressure gauge. These gauges have an internal dampening system that protects against vibrations caused by heavy-duty drilling. They’re engineered to withstand any wear and provide accurate readings even under harsh operating environments.

3. Low-Pressure Gauges

Low-pressure gauges are used to measure the pressure of small amounts of fluids. They don’t obstruct any functions and are thus ideal for pneumatic systems, construction processes, and cleanrooms.

4. Duplex Pressure Gauges

These are differential pressure gauges that are also suitable for extreme working conditions. They’re used to measure the difference between two applied pressures and have very specific applications required in the chemical and air-handling industries.

5.  Seal Gauges

Seal gauges protect against potential path leaks and enhance the safety of operations. They’re widely used when handling corrosive materials, viscous applications, and sanitary and pharmaceutical requirements. These applications often require very pure process fluids, and there’s a risk of contamination if the fluid comes in direct contact with the metal surface of the gauge.

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