Weight indicator systems are multi-purpose devices with several essential process weighing applications in the Oil & Gas industry. Their uses include blending, dispensing, batching, force measurement, weight rate monitoring, and leveling by weight.

Weight indicators use sensors, load cells, and/or chart recorders to give users accurate readings for tension, compression, and weight. Depending on your specific application and the reading you want, one variant is likely to work better for your application than the rest.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the most popular types of weight indicators, their specific properties, and applications that best suit the design and functionality.

1. Anchor type indicators

Anchor type indicators use tension or compression load cells to provide accurate measurements that can help drillers sustain consistent weight on bit and, subsequently, ensure that the drilling process is carried out more efficiently and economically.

When load cells are compressed, the hydraulic fluid is pushed through a high-pressure hydraulic hose toward the weight indicator. As the pressure builds up, the inner dial displays the hook load, while the outer dial displays weight on bit.

2. Bulk tank indicators

Bulk tank indicators are designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions and offer reliable, dependable, and accurate readings for all applications. Contact Instruments’ bulk tank indicators can weigh loads up to 450,000 pounds with a 3:1 ratio. These indicators are ideal for use in weighing drilling mud, chemicals, cement, and other powders. The design is well-suited for use around combustible gases or flammable materials,

3. Mini weight indicators

Mini weight indicators, also known as midget weight indicators, are designed specifically for small water well drilling rigs, workover rigs, and geothermal drilling. Our midget weight indicators come in a compact box that enhances portability and ease of use. These indicators have an electronic deflection cell that eliminates the need for mounting load cells and running hydraulic hoses.

If you’re looking for highly durable weight indicators for oil rig operations, we offer a wide range of weight indicator systems that have several applications in the drilling and the O&G industry. Our products include pad type weight indicators, bulk tank weight indicators, electronic midget weight indicators, deflection type weight indicators, differential weight indicators, and more.

We also manufacture and distribute various other oil rig accessories and instrumentation across Canada and the United States. For more information about our drilling rig instrumentation, contact us now.