The drilling industry is often characterized by harsh working conditions, high risks, and high rewards. Unfortunately, many drilling leaders make the mistake of thinking that high compensation is all drilling crews need to continue working in toxic environments. Ultimately, this results in employees leaving the company and a high turnover rate.

Great drilling crew leaders take the time to ensure that the team’s vision isn’t lost amid the company’s immediate goals.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top defining characteristics of exceptional drilling crew leaders.

1. They Have a Clear Vision

Great leaders have a well-defined and robust vision for their teams. This vision is what rallies individuals to persevere through tough working conditions and work towards a joint goal. This vision includes several values about how the team will operate.

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2. They Believe In Accountability

When working in a high-stakes environment, such as an oil rig, individual responsibilities must be clearly outlined. Employees should be held accountable for their work and rewarded when done the job is done well.

But more importantly, great team leaders understand that the team working under them is their responsibility too. Team members should be able to trust their leaders and know that their supervisor has their backs.

3. They Focus On Development

Understand the background of each employee and learn how you can help them advance in their personal careers. A clear progression path will help define individual goals and a clear vision. If that vision aligns with the company’s goals, you can be sure that the employee will work that much harder to achieve that goal.

4. They Invest In Health and Safety

Investing in the health and safety of your crew shows that you care about their wellbeing. Often the dangerous environments at drilling sites increase the risk of operations and can make it difficult to maintain safe operations. Leaders must take the time to implement safety protocols, emphasize the use of PPE, and use process instrumentation equipment to ensure safe monitoring.

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