Trash pumps are an essential component of drilling operations and often undergo significant wear and tear during use. Trash pumps ensure a constant circulation of drilling fluid inside the well and ensure that:

  • The drill bit stays cool and well-lubricated
  • Rock fragments are transported to the surface
  • The wellbore doesn’t cave in

Given its importance in oil drilling, this machinery isn’t cheap. Replacing a malfunctioning trash pump can cost thousands of dollars and delay work on the site. Regular maintenance and replacement of internal parts can prevent premature breakdowns and ensure you get a long useful service life from your investment.

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Let’s take a look at the most important trash pump parts here.


The impeller is the rotor that increases the pressure and consequently, increases the flow of fluid. Unlike a turbine, the impeller transfers energy from the motor to the fluid and create a powerful centrifugal force to direct the liquid towards a discharge. Given that drilling fluid can often get mixed with other contaminants, the impeller can get damaged.


A volute is a key component that keeps the velocity of the drilling fluid constant around the impeller to prevent mixing losses. When there is restricted flow, the volute works as a diffuser by creating higher pressure from the casing throat to the cutwater. When the flow is higher than capacity, the volute does the opposite to cause a drop in pressure. If your trash pump is unable to maintain a constant velocity, it might indicate that your volute is damaged.


Elbows often undergo significant damage because they experience substantial turbulent flow. If you’re working with tough slurry pump or slurry pipe applications, then replacing your elbows frequently is a relatively inexpensive way to keep your trash pump in good shape.

Seal Kits

To prevent components from leaking or your trash pump from getting damaged due to weakened seals, it’s always good to have a seal kit handy. For instance, our seal kits come in standard and premium varieties and are completely interchangeable with OEM parts. Each kit contains bearings, two mechanical seals, and o-rings.

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