Load cells are used to calculate the force or weight in a variety of applications. They can be used to measure bending compression, tension, and other forces. Load cells are able to convert force into an electrical signal.

Here’s everything to know about load cells and their application:

How does a load cell work?

A compression load cell, in particular, is a device created to measure compression while holding a load at one point. Unlike tension load cells that measure a pulling force, these load cells measure a pushing force. Compression load cells are therefore under the object to be measured.

Load cells are very versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Compression load cells can calculate the relative change in resistance. Compression load cells have a Wheatstone bridge circuit that allows it to keep tract of relative changes accurately.

Compression load cells are also made with high quality materials. They are durable and resistant to wear and tear, however, it’s still important to keep the base plate pristine for accurate readings. Good quality compression load cells typically have a hardened cover for greater protection.

Their design

Compression load cells are compact so that they can be used in smaller spaces. Despite their size, they can handle high capacity loads and reads accurately. Compression load cells by Contact Instrument, for example can measure a direct load of 150,000 lbs.

Their application

Compression load cells are versatile and can be used in a number of ways. They are used in oil rigging plants including wireline, power tongs, bulk bin, cement bin, and wireline anchors. They can also be used in industries where products are solely sold by weight. Compression load cells can be used to weigh tanks and in plant engineering as well. These cells are able to quickly process and measure load, enhancing productivity and keeping costs low.

Contact Instruments’ compression load cells are versatile since they are made from the highest quality materials. They can be used in the harshest conditions and last many year. Over the years these hydraulic load cells have proven their durability and are reliable since little to no maintenance is required. Our compression load cells come in 7 sensor options.

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