Sensors are widely used in industrial, commercial, and oil drilling applications. When such projects are being developed, these sensors are specified to measure important variables like flow, pressure, weight, temperature, level, etc. These measurements help automate the process, along with making the process control system adjust other variables based on the sensor reading.

So how can a plant or an oil rig ensure the value of these sensors are accurate? Sensor calibration is the key! Sensor calibration is the adjustment of sensors to ensure they function accurately and provide error-free readings.

Errors in measurements

Errors in sensor readings are simply the algebraic variance between the indication on the sensor and the actual value. These errors can be due to

  • Improper zero reference
  • Shift in sensor’s range
  • Wear and tear or damage

Why is sensor calibration required?

As precaution

There’s no guarantee that a sensor is working perfectly. Even if it seems to be working as usual, it’s always good to have it calibrated as a precaution. We suggest having it calibrated at regular intervals.

Look at the bigger picture

Sensor are vital for oil drilling projects. Pressure sensors and load sensors are used to support functions from Wireline Units, Power Tongs, and Flushby Rigs. To ensure all systems on the rig are working well and are maintained, sensor calibration is comparatively a small an easy task. This one task can prevent the entire system from being compromised. Calibrating sensors used in more complex machinery ensures the sensor is working the way you want it to, enhancing the result of the equipment.


Sensors can get compromised depending on the environment they work in. Temperature, humidity levels, moisture, shock, etc. can all affect the sensor and make it less effective. The overall ability of the sensor can be compromised if it’s not calibrated in a long time.  

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