Drilling a new well in search of oil requires extensive planning and long hours. There’s a lot more to such an endeavour than it seems on the surface. Heavy-duty equipment is involved and plenty of planning goes into such projects. Unearthing black gold is a tough, but very rewarding task.

What is drilling fluid?

One issue that proves to be a real challenge when well drilling is the constant circulation of drilling fluid in the well. Drilling fluid is required to cool down the drill and lubricate it. This fluid also transports cuttings to the surface and most importantly, it prevents the wellbore from caving in.

How has trash pumps helped in drilling?

In the past experts have used conventional centrifugal pumps to remove excess fluid, the results haven’t been satisfactory. These pumps aren’t equipped to hold slurry mud.

With the advancement in instrumentation technology, engineers can now use trash pumps solely built for this purpose. These trash pumps make light work of the amount of slurry mud that’s created during drilling.

Trash pumps are commonly used in municipal and industrial settings to remove water from various applications. That idea, coupled with more power and deeper impeller vanes can do the same job on a rig too. In fact, they do a pretty great job!

More and more companies are beginning to introduce trash pumps onto their sites. They are also recirculating and reusing drilling mud for oil exploration projects.

Trash pumps are generally made of 30% chrome iron, providing optimum durability. This material can withstand wear and tear well and can handle solid particles of various sizes. Certain oilfield trash pumps can also deal with solid concentrations that are over half their weight.

Trash pumps are available in diesel and gasoline configurations, but diesel trash pumps are the preferred choice as they provide superior efficiency.

Trash pumps are an essential part of an oilfield. These heavy-duty equipment require regular maintenance and replacement of parts over time. Contact Instruments provides trash pump parts and replacement parts. These parts are user-friendly and easy to handle. You can find a variety of products over on our website, from mud pressure gauges to torque gauges and even custom cables. Contact us for more details about our services or call  780-955-8998 for assistance from our representatives.