Instrumentation used in critical industrial processes need to provide accurate readings on the gauges for optimum results and safety. Gauges are used to measure pressure, temperature, and flow. These gauges show real time values and monitor fluctuations and are crucial for the day-to-day operation of the plant.

There are two main kinds of gauges available, digital and analogue. Before investing in them, it’s important to know their specific applications and benefits.

What is an analogue gauge?

Analogue gauges have been used for industrial purposes since the industrial revolution. The analogue dial has been around since steam processes and locomotives were in use. These gauges were used to keep workers safe as they indicated high pressure, which can prevent injuries and accidents from taking place.

Benefits of analogue gauges

Despite digital gauges available, analogue gauges have their own benefits.

Measures dynamic pressure changes

Analogue gauges are ideal when you need to measure dynamic changes in pressure. The dial and needle make it easier to note changes, especially when reading from a distance. At a glance, analogue gauges are easier to keep track of.


Analogue gauges allow operators to get an average reading when spikes occur. This is an important benefit, since digital gauges require the user to calculate it.

What are digital gauges?

Digital gauges convert pressure read into electric signals. A microprocessor is responsible for converting these signals in numeric form.

Benefits of digital gauges


Digital gauges are created to be hardwearing. Their solid design makes them idea for use in high vibration applications. An analogue needle would give inaccurate readings in such an environment.


Digital gauges can withstand vibration and shocks way better than analogue gauges. They don’t lose calibration easily and therefore don’t need to be recalibrated as often. This makes digital gauges more adaptable in an industrial setting.  

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