In 2016 alone there were 904 workplace related fatalities. An alarming percentage of these fatalities took place on oilfields. In the United States, on the other hand, 1566 workers died due to accidents on oil rigs over a period of 10 years.

Oil drilling is a dangerous job and there are always risks to working on an oil field, however, employers can reduce the chances of injury with the right instrumentation and maintenance.

Here’s our guide to safety and maintenance on an oil field:

Prevention is better than cure

Always begin with assessing risks instead of waiting around for an accident to happen. Take all the necessary precautions to keep the oil rig safe. Safety audits, regular maintenance of the equipment, and regular training of employees are all effective ways to prevent major losses.

Signage and lighting

The biggest accidents in the workplace can be prevented with proper lighting and signage for employees. Employees must be able to see where they are going and what they are doing. Make sure the area is well lit to prevent any accidents. Make sure signs with safety warnings are put up wherever necessary.

Fall protection

Falls are the most common cause for workplace injuries and accidents. Some of the major accidents on the oilfield also occur due to falls. It’s easy to lose balance or slip when the surface isn’t even. Falls can cause minor bruises, but can also be fatal. Make sure the surfaces are leveled out to the best of your ability and kept dry at all times to reduce the chances of slips, trips, and falls.

Regular maintenance and inspection

Employees must also be protected from machines onboard too. Electrical surges and other issues can be very dangerous. To prevent such issues arising with the equipment onboard, make sure they are maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions and regularly inspected for damage. Employees must be given adequate training to operate the equipment and ensure it isn’t being manhandled.

Use the Right Products

Quality oilfield equipment can help you prevent accidents and losses onsite. Reliable oil rig instrumentation is less prone to damage and malfunction. If you’ve been looking for products such as clipper weight indicator and trash pump parts, reach out to us at Contact Instruments today.