Drilling rigs are mammoth structures built to drill for oil, water, and even natural gas. A combination of hydraulic and electronic equipment are used on these rigs. The instrumentation used on oil rigs tends to be more advanced to ensure safety and efficiency.

For an oil rig, three main drilling instruments are required for the drilling process, namely load cells, mud pressure systems, and weight indicator systems.

Mud pressure systems

Mud pressure systems are a crucial piece of equipment used on oil fields during the drilling process. A mud pressure system circulates well fluid down and back up again with high pressure.

A mud pressure gauge system primarily detects problems in the mud operations. Mud pressure systems display pump pressure on the device, making it quick and effective.

Mud pressure systems also come filled with fluid to protect the device against ground vibrations. It also allows the pointer sensitivity to be adjusted according to its application.

Load cell systems

A load cell is a type of transducer that converts forces like pressure, tension, and torques. And compression into electrical signals for standardized measurement. Load cells allow the transferring of load pressure to the gauge, allowing oil rig operators to measure the load efficiently.

There are other applications of load cells and they are used in other industries as well. Since the load cell systems are durable and resilient, they can be used in more dangerous working conditions to provide reliable information to operators.

Weight indicator systems

Weight indicator systems are used in industrial and oil rig applications to weight chemicals, drilling mud, cement, etc. Weight indicator systems comprise of sensors, load cells, and sensors or chart recorders to provide a reading on compression, tension, or even weight. Their main role is to measure downhole tool weight during wireline tasks.

Weight indicator systems are known for their precision when weighing. It helps prevent stuck pipes and any other issues related to the oil rig. These systems are built to be reliable, despite harsh oil rig conditions.

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