The working conditions of workers in the oil and gas industry are harsh, particularly in Canada. It’s also a hazardous job due to the risk of injuries and fatalities involved. While safety programs are in place for oil industry workers, more can be done to ensure their safety.

Here are some effective safety tips for oil industry workers:

Regular housekeeping

The risk of fatal accidents can be greatly reduced by keeping floors, pathways, and other work areas clear of unnecessary clutter at all times. This can help prevent falls, slips, and trips. Have signs put up to alert workers about the hazardous areas.

Monitor the health of workers

Working on an oil rig is an exhausting job. The stress, exhaustion, and fatigue caused by the nature of the job can result in accidents and injuries. Employees’ physical and mental health should be monitored so that they aren’t overworked and can operate machinery at the rig with the focus and attention required. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employees must be encouraged to take all precautions and be allowed days off when they aren’t feeling well. This helps prevent the spread of the virus across the team.

Have an In-Vehicle Monitoring  System installed

Accidents due to driving or riding motor vehicles account for the most fatalities in the oil and gas industry. To get to the bottom of this, have an In-Vehicle Monitoring System installed to monitor driver behaviour and detect issues like poor habits that link to accidents. Based on the findings, conduct training to improve vehicle safety.

Regular equipment maintenance

When working on offshore rigs, in particular, the equipment is your lifeline when you’re miles away from shore. The equipment must be well maintained to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns. It can also help prevent premature failure of the equipment and keeps workers safe. Communicate the importance of thorough maintenance to workers and emphasize how it’s connected to their safety so that maintenance tasks are done according to protocol.  

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