What Are Pump Impellers And What Are They Used For?

A pump impeller is the rotating component of the centrifugal pumps that transfer fluids from one location to another. The design of the pump impeller is significant in controlling the flow efficiency.

Types of Pump Impellers

There are different types of impeller designs, with varying numbers of plates, blades and structures. Various pump impellers are used according to the industry. They are divided into three main types.

Open Pump Impellers

Open pump impellers do not have a plate on either side of the pump impeller. They are easy to clean, repair and operate and are used in smaller inexpensive pumps and fluid flow operations. Open impellers are not as efficient as the other types, but they are suitable for pumping high-density liquids with solids such as mud mixing for construction purposes.

Semi-Open Pump Impellers

Semi-open impellers have a plate on one side of the pump impeller. They are stronger, more efficient than open pump impellers and are thus used in applications where fluids are of medium viscosity and density. They can also be used with liquids that are mixed with solids.

Closed Pump Impellers

Closed impellers have plates on both sides of the pump impeller. Since the impeller is closed, the fluid is extracted at high efficiencies due to more directional flow channels. They tend to be generally used in less dense, clean fluid and liquid applications such as water cooling facilities. However, they are more prone to wear and tear when abrasive and corrosive liquids are used over long periods of time. They are not suitable for the transference of solids as it can cause blockages and halt operations to clean out any clogged solids from the pump impeller.

Impact of Pump Impellers

The decision to choose the type of pump impeller is dependent on the viscosity and density of the fluid being pumped and the flow efficiency needed to be based on the task. Open pump impellers are better at handling solids, while closed pump impellers are more robust and have higher efficiencies. The right pump impeller will help have smoother operations and can last you longer with regular upkeep maintenance.

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