What is Standpipe Pressure?

Standpipe pressure is the sum of all pressure loss that occurs due to fluid friction. It is mainly used for oil drilling and extraction operations. A large pipe is let down into a well, thousands of feet into the ground where mud is extracted and replaced with another fluid to control pressure from downhole oil wells. The standpipe pressure is measured using a standpipe pressure gauge.

The BP Oil Crisis could have been avoided if standpipe pressure levels were monitored and interpreted accurately. Measuring standpipe pressure accurately allows for a smoother and safer operation.

How to Measure Standpipe Pressure Accurately?

There are four main variables to sum up when calculating standpipe pressure (SPP). They are:

  • loss in annulus pressure,
  • loss in drill string pressure,
  • loss in bottom hole assembly (BHA) pressure and
  • loss in pressure across the drill bit.

Industry-standard standpipe pressure gauges measure and indicate each of those four variables to determine accurate readings for analysis. Other mechanical and technical changes can create differences in standpipe pressure. As the viscosity and density of the fluid increases, the standpipe pressure increases as well. And when the size of the nozzle gets larger, the standpipe pressure decreases. Standpipe pressure measurements should be monitored regularly so that mud extraction and fluid replacement from downhole oil wells can be operated in a smooth and safe manner. Too high levels or too low levels of standpipe pressure can cause damage to the drilling machinery and may lead to potential explosions.

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