Why Is There a Need for High-Level Drilling Crews

Any operation, whether military, healthcare or chemical extraction can be mentally challenging for team members. A high performing team needs to be developed to operate successfully to solve the problem at hand. Delicate and dangerous operations should have no room for human error and thus instead of firing workers, the root of the problem has to be addressed; team building.

Team building is of utmost importance in the oil and gas sector. It involves exhaustive and stressful work in environments where the poor team management can cause serious accidents.

Steps for Developing High-Level Drilling Crews

Regular training

In any industry, regular team training should be conducted to enhance the team’s knowledge and experience. In the exploration and production industry within the oil and gas sector, it has been reported that more than 60% of clogged pipe incidents are related to poor planning. Most training courses should teach workers to plan properly along with punctuality to drive performance.

Open and Communication amongst Team Members and Managers

Team managers and members tend to have a strict relationship within the workspace. It creates a tough environment for workers when reporting their errors. They cover up their mistakes and move on rather than fixing them at the moment. Instead of having a manager and member relationship, teams should have mentor and mentee relationships where people have open communication to solve minor incidents before it escalates into actual problems.

Real-Time Updates

When crews have open communication with the team and with superiors, it can help real-time updates be monitored and analyzed. It builds an effective routine and combines productivity with punctuality. Any incidents are reported at that moment and solved simultaneously by team members and managers.

Have a Risk Management Plan

A risk management plan allows for emergency strategies to take place during any accidents or mishaps. It creates a model for other operation workers as well which builds an effective, high-performance team. Engineering feats are challenging, and problem-solving skills should come naturally to every engineer, technician, and operator alike.

Appreciation for Work Well Done

Appreciation is a form of motivation. After every working day, crews and crew leaders should gather around to pat each other’s back for a day’s worth of hard work. It creates an atmosphere of interpersonal wellbeing which in turn connect each other.

All these factors are required during a team-building process. It takes time but it saves time later on during on-site operations.

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