Overmolded cabling assembly is a process that protects the cable composition, allowing it to endure or resist rough and harsh environmental conditions.

Cable manufacturers perform the overmolding process by inserting or injecting a molding solution to combine connectors and wires into one solid piece. They use a mold to place the cable assembly components as the primary part of its design process. When this cable assembly is covered with a hot liquid plastic material, it becomes a firm wire assembly after cooling down.

Most final products of overmolded cable assembly match the mold’s color and shape, protecting the integrated connection of underlying connectors and wires.  It’s an ideal solution for manufacturing cables for computers, televisions, and other industrial hardware prone to damage from extreme or rugged conditions.

Here’s what you need to know about overmolded custom cables and how they might be beneficial for your specific application.

Multiple Customization Options

The primary benefit of overmolded cable assemblies is the extent of customization. You can tweak each cable assembly element to produce the most robust and efficient wire versions.

Some of the customization options that many design engineers can benefit from include changing and upgrading colors, making it aesthetically-pleasing, incorporating company name or logos, including add-ons like attachment hardware, and switching its exit point at straight, right, or any other angle. 

Increased Value for Cable Assembly

Overmolded cables are a combination of multiple wires and connectors that guarantee the cable’s durability for numerous years. As a result, they add value to your application through their multiple features like 360-degree strain relief, flexible support at the exit, and enhanced pull strength.

It also offers enhanced electromagnetic interference (EMI), improved protection from rigid environments, and abrasion resistance. Designers can use tooling and drilling to design cable assemblies into a wide range of exit angles required for a custom application.

Industrial Versatility

Any industry can benefit from overmolded cable assemblies. Its mold design, production quantity, and plastic resin components offer significant flexibility to be incorporated into products in all sectors ranging from electronics to interior design.

Industries looking for unique design applications for improved customer services can significantly benefit from overmolded cable assemblies. In fact, many companies combing the molding press with a larger cable and connector quality to ensure a tighter atmospherical tolerance, guaranteeing durability.

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