Deflection indicators are essential weight-measurement instruments for drilling tasks. They work by measuring the misalignment of main bearings before a drilling job and can be set up near a derrick or on a mast to ensure optimum efficiency. Most drilling rigs have been using multiple deflection indicators because of the effectiveness and ease of use they offer.

A deflection indicator works through a panel that an operator can use to select and change its display values. It shows multiple values depending on a drilling task’s requirement. From indicating the number of cylinders to showing their temperatures, deflection indicators display precise measurements after every value selection without any mechanical adjustments.

These are simple drilling instruments that require engineers to repeat value selection for the number of bearings they want to measure. The best part about this technology is that its data is easily-transferrable from the device to a computer for further analysis and long-term data collection.

Here are some of the salient features of clipper weight indicator systems.

Prepared for Immediate Use

Every deflection indicator system is ready for immediate use and doesn’t require an operator to warm it up. Drilling equipment manufacturers assemble the machine, load it with essential indicator fluid, calibrate, test, and efficiently seal it before sending it to industrial sites. 

All you need to do is adjust its dampers for enhanced point-sensitivity to measure wall weights.

Flexible Set-Up for Any Drilling Task

Line vibrations from conventional deflection indicator systems can often lead to deadline-mounting. Modern deflection indicators can be mounted anywhere near the drilling situation. From the driller to the mast or derrick, you can choose the indicator’s mounting location at your discretion to ensure an optimum setup every time.

Deflection indicators are also portable and easy to transport from one location to another. They usually come in a rugged and rigid steel box with built-in handles without the risk of being damaged.

Multiple Dials

Deflection indicators are highly reliable and flexible for use by anyone. They have up to 10 different dials with multiple calibrations. These machines offer the numbers and sizes of lines in variations such as pounds, deca-newtons, and kilograms.

The ultimate goal is to provide you with easy and flexible measurement readings without complex and unreadable data provision. 

At Contact Instruments, we offer user-friendly weight indicator systems that are low-maintenance and crucial for producing accurate readings. If you’re looking for weight indicator systems for applications such as floor-blocking and tool protection during drilling tasks, you can now reach out to us for a diverse range of weight indicators for all your drilling needs in Alberta. Contact us today!