The machine-building industry relies on torque as an essential mechanical measurement instrument. It has a wide range of applications in other sectors too. In fact, many test bench and crane safety equipment manufacturers use these instruments for precise torque measurements.

Torque systems are ideal for optimum efficiency measurements, providing benefits ranging from improved mechanical performance and increased engine rotating speeds to enhance accuracy in every application. Thanks to the continuous development in torque systems, more and more sectors continue to adopt it for advanced application fields.

Here’s why torque measurements are essential.

Efficient Load Management

Torques on drive shafts help machine operators by continuously monitoring the load on equipment. You can easily speed up or slow down the load handling and management processes with an adequate understanding of the mechanical torque. 

It provides precise measurements to allow engineers to make vital load management decisions such as strategies to share the load between multiple drives through a conveyor system and preventative implementations to avoid repetitive load transportation that may result in premature failure.

Another function of torque systems is that they display substantial load handling capacity on your equipment. It’s a significant factor in maximizing the overall process throughput. Industries benefit from torque data by reducing their downtime and increasing operational efficiency throughout the day.

Safety Alarms

Torque systems, data, and power output help you monitor the load’s safety on rotating equipment. While a torque ensures that the load remains within the safe operating limits, its data can immediately signal the equipment to shut down as soon as the load limit is triggered.

These systems are highly beneficial for preventing catastrophic failures on construction sites. Torque systems are small investments with massive outputs for controlling a broken or damaged driveline’s costs, including a fractured gearbox and shaft. As a result, you save substantial amounts of money in downtime and replacement costs.

Effective Equipment Diagnostics

Torque measurements provide you with an insight into an equipment’s functioning and stability. If you hear a strange humming noise from your machinery, it’s an indication of defective equipment. A torsional vibration or an excessive start-up torque helps determine equipment diagnostics and learn why a specific component isn’t working.

A report and analysis of the detailed torque measurements help you determine how equipment is working, enabling you to improve operations and take efficient preventative measures to avoid mechanical failures. It’s the most reliable way to save time and money.

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