Overmoulding refers to a manufacturing process that involves the moulding of a unique injection seamlessly between objects to transform them into a compact and unified product. It usually injects a rigid, wax-like, plastic-based liquid component and thermoplastic-elastomer to create an adhesive mould between products. 

An overmoulding process consists of an interior and exterior layer. Most manufacturing industries resort to single-shot or two-shot moulding techniques to ensure optimum product performance.

 Overmoulded custom cable assemblies are excellent examples of this process. Designers and wire engineers combine various wires and connect them into a seamless piece by injecting adhesive components like molten plastic material into the mould cavity.

Many manufacturers swear by the overmoulding processes because its plastic components easily conform to the mould’s shape after cooling and solidifying. It’s an excellent adhesion source between numerous materials, benefitting manufacturers by eliminating the need to assemble materials manually.

Here’s why over-moulding is a great manufacturing process.

Enhanced Product Performance

The primary reason why most companies rely on overmoulding as the ultimate design and manufacturing process is the improved product performance it offers. The TPE adhesive materials injected into the mould are ideal for creating a soft, rigid, and non-slip surface for any product, allowing a user to tackle them comfortably.

Moreover, the TPE components play a crucial part in protecting a part or product from environmental elements and extending its shelf life by eliminating the risks of shock, noise, and vibration.

Boosted Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re looking to make your product stand out among other competitors in the industry, overmoulding should be your go-to route. The wax-like plastic materials help create a visually-attractive surface by allowing you to customize products according to your favourite colours and your company’s logo and mission values.

You can choose from a wide range of TPE patterns and colours to engrave your corporate logo, operation instructions, or a message for customized substrates that’ll ultimately help increase your sales.

Reduced Production Costs

Overmoulding process offers durability and material strength that adds value to your business and simultaneously reduces your production costs. It’s because overmoulding is a quick and easy process that eliminates the need for manual injection moulding and assembly of other components.

 Furthermore, it doesn’t require designers to conduct finishing operations like priming, painting, and coating by hand.

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