Weight indicator is an instrument used by drillers to monitor and improve the drilling operation efficiencies. The tool is typically used in drilling operations, well workovers, and intervention operations.

Because of their demanding applications, weight indicator systems are designed to be durable and reliable during the drilling operation. Furthermore, weight indicator systems are required to deliver highly accurate readings in harsh environments.

Weight Indicator System: What It Is

Weight indicators use load cells and sensors to measure tension, compression, or weight accurately. For instance, anchor type indicators rely on compression load cells or tension load cells to measure the hook load and indicate the weight on the bit.

With a weight indicator system, the driller will be aware of the weight on the bit and the total hook load. Using a weight indicator system is crucial to improving the operational efficiency of the bits. Moreover, it helps avoid issues such as line tension, stuck pipes, twist-offs, and other tight-hole issues.

Weight Indicator System: Different Types

Owing to the versatile use of the weight indicator system, there are several different types depending on the end-use. Some commonly used types include the bulk tank, deflection type, differential, wireline, midget, electronic midget, coil tubing, electronic coil tubing, and measuring head weight indicators. We’ll discuss some of these briefly.

Deflection Type Weight Indicators

The deflection type weight indicator is mainly used on small drilling rigs and workover rigs but can be customized for use on Flushby rigs. These indicator systems are ideal for when drillers need an indicator system to move from rig to rig.

Midget Weight Indicators

Midget weight indicators are well-suited for small workover rigs, Flushby rigs, and water well rigs. These indicators can handle loads between 25,000 and 30,000 lbs.

Wireline Weight Indicators

These indicators are designed to be used with slick line or wireline trucks. The weight indicator uses hydraulic pressure that is transmitted to a load cell through a hose. The wireline indicator doesn’t require any external power and is a great way to protect your downhole tools.

Contact Instruments Offers A Variety of Weight Indicators

At Contact Instruments, we offer a variety of weight indicators for different applications. These indicators will provide not only accurate readings but also withstand harsh drilling conditions.

We also provide other OEM drilling instrumentation solutions in Canada, the US, and beyond. Contact now to learn more about our products and services.