Oilfield drilling is a complex process that needs the use of high-quality instruments in order for things to move along without any troubles. From beginning to end, different kinds of equipment are used to make the job less overwhelming for the workers.

Here’s a list of commonly used tools used in an oilfield.

Shale Shakers

At an oil rig, there is a separation process that removes fluids that are not soluble. This could be crude oil from water or even gas from liquid. It can also be used to separate solids from liquids. With the help of the separation process, mixtures that mess with the process can be avoided.

Shale shakers are used in the oil field to separate larger solids from the drilling fluids. It’s also used to keep the drill cool after it’s been used to separate the two mixtures. With the help of shale shakers and the correct disposal of large solids, you can reduce the environmental impact and the cost of drilling. It causes a ripple effect where there is improved productivity throughout the remaining processes.


Now that the solids are removed from the fluids, the gas needs to be removed from the air. For this, most oilfield operators prefer to use degrassers.

The function of a degrasser is to remove methane, hydrogen sulphide, and carbon dioxide from the drilling fluids. By removing combustible gases, you reduce the risk of on-field gas explosions.

Sand Pumps

When it comes to oil drilling, there are various pumps used in different steps of the process. A popular pump commonly used is a sand pump. This pump helps in removing deposits away from the drilling site.

Mostly placed on oil or fluid tanks filled with sand, sand pumps have a grooved disk that rotates around a central axis. When a particle touches the grooved surface, it’s immediately removed. They’re a great way to clean and maintain tanks and ensure they don’t become difficult to use. Additionally, sand pumps are a more affordable option than the use of heavy machinery and manpower to remove particles from the oilfield site. With sand pumps in function, manual labour can be used elsewhere.

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