The American oil and gas industry currently supports 9.8 million jobs in the sector, which makes up for nearly 5.6 percent of the total US employment rate. Despite the pandemic, the business has been thriving, whether it’s labour or manufacturing parts for the oil rig processes.

If you’re curious about the oil rig instrumentation used in the oil and gas industry, keep reading to get the beginner-friendly guide to brush up on your knowledge!

Oil Drilling Equipment

Without drilling pipes, there would be no drills. And without drills, there would be no crude oil or petroleum. To extract these minerals, the industry relies heavily on oil drilling equipment to ensure every process carries through smoothly.

The drill rigs used throughout the gas and oil industry are highly complex machinery that consists of many components. Here is an introductory outline of some oil drilling equipment that is regularly used in oil rigs.



If you’ve ever taken a closer look at a drilling rig, you have most probably seen a lifting device that also doubles as a tall tower. That part of the drilling rig is called a mast. It’s an essential structure in charge of lifting the drill string and facilitating all the other activities throughout the system. Although it may look like it’s not doing much, it’s an important part that gets the ball rolling for the rest of the processes!

Mud pump

Deep extractions can only be done with the help of pumps. There are multiple pumps that are used in oil rings. A mud pump helps by pumping up fluid and distributing it across the rig system. This ‘fluid’ can be petroleum or oil, depending on the job being done. Through extremely high pressures, it dispenses the fluid to the drill string and back to the annulus. Due to the high-pressure work it does, mud pumps are subject to regular maintenance to handle the wear and tear they endure.

Top drive

Suspended from the mast, the top drive is a motor that’s singlehandedly responsible for turning the drill string and ensuring the process of drilling a hole into the ground. This component of the drill rig moves up and down the mast and is often used by industry specialists in place of a rotary table since it can handle longer sections of a drill pipe.

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