Load cells are a piece of crucial equipment that is widely used in various industries. Due to its usability, there are many types available on the market, and each fulfills its purpose in its assigned application.

Load cells are sensors that can measure force and turn into an electric signal that can then be read and measured. This can’t be done alone, and many load cells need a strain gauge. The strain gauges react to movement and change in resistance, after which an output is applied.

Load Cell Types and Applications

Single Point

One of the most common and widely used kinds of load cells available in the market today are single-point load cells. They have an airtight seal and are used to measure the center loads. This is helpful for building scales since they can guarantee reliability which is crucial to the job. Single point load cells are primarily used for low capacity weighing scales, so the applications they’re used in are also similar

The Applications of Single Point Load Cells

You can find them to be most suitable for counting scales, medical weighing, industrial weighing, pricing scales and more.

S-Type Load Cells

You can easily identify an S-Type load cell since the shape takes after its name. They’re in an S shape and work well in tension and compression applications. Since they’re also compact and reliable, they can be used in smaller spaces without a problem. They also tend to go through ATEX approval, so they’re suitable for more hazardous environments.

The Application of S-Type Load Cells

You can find them to be the most suitable for mechanical to electrical scale conversions, tank level scales, and hoppers and truck scales.

Miniature Load Cells

Just like their name, miniature load cells and subminiature load cells are compact in size and don’t have a super complicated design. They can go as small as nearly 1cm in height, and it’s their miniature size that makes them convenient for applications where space may be a problem.

The Application of Miniature of Sub Miniature Load Cells

You can find them to be the most suitable for industrial weighing prototype production.

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