The Canadian drilling industry is making efforts to rebound after the pandemic. As of 2019, there were 532 drilling rigs available in Canada. With technological advancements, the drilling industry has evolved over the years, leading to the invention of many noteworthy drilling instruments. Here are the three most essential products needed for drilling.

Custom Cables

Improper wiring can lead to a large number of technical problems for your drilling setup.Custom cables from a reputed drilling rig service provider can be the solution you need. Custom cables are used for various purposes, including point-of-sale scanners, testing of other drilling instruments, and to transmit power and signals to different machinery. There are many varieties of custom cables available, including over-moulded cables, torque turn computer cables, CCTV rugged use cables, and heavy equipment connectors.

Mud Pressure Gauges

If you’re drilling in harsh conditions, you would need products that are designed to work in those conditions. Mud pressure gauges are effective pressure calculation devices that can work in temperatures up to 120 Celsius. Mud gauges can assist you in determining if, at the time of drilling, the pressure is too high or too low. High pressure could mean an increase in mud density that can act as an obstacle for efficient drilling, and low pressure could indicate leakages. Moreover, mud pressure gauges bought from trusted sources can endure high levels of vibrations and pressure which increases their durability. Timely mud pressure readings can prevent major accidents during drilling.

Weight Indicator System

Tension in the drilling setup can lead to many accidents. High tension in the drilling rods can lead to the destruction of the equipment. Drilling equipment doesn’t come cheap, making it crucial for you to protect your equipment at all costs. Weight indicator systems use data to calculate the hook load. These systems are small in size and are flexible, making it easier for them to be mounted anywhere on the drills.

Contact Instruments’ weight indicator system

Obtain Effective Drilling Instruments

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