The drilling industry of Canada is an emerging sector, that has shown massive signs of improvement in recent years. In 2019, there were 146 active drilling rigs, which shows the large-scale work being done in this industry.

There are many instruments used in drilling rigs, one of which is a flowmeter. Let’s learn about flowmeters and their different types.

Why Do You Need Flowmeters?

Drilling is a complex process. There are a lot of things you need to consider during the procedure to ensure a quality drill. One such factor is the flow rate of the drilling mud. The drilling mud is a mixture of sand, water, and chemicals. Flowmeters are used to measure the flow rate of the mud to ensure that the drilling is smooth. If the rate is low, it means that the drilling isn’t being done effectively due to tough environmental conditions. There are different flowmeters that you can use to improve quality in different conditions.

Here are three common typesof flowmeters.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

An electromagnetic flowmeter is used for drillingin harsh conditions as it is unaffected by contamination and extreme temperatures. It has no moving parts, making it more durable. Moreover, it is a viable option for operating mudflow in both forward and backward directions. The only downside of using an electromagnetic flowmeter is that it is used for liquids only.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

An ultrasonic flow meter is a perfect instrument for drilling on chemically aggressive liquids. Like the electromagnetic flowmeter, it also operates in both forward and backward directions. The ultrasonic flow meter is a low-maintenance and cost-effective measurement object.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

If you’re looking for direct gas flow measurement, the thermal mass flowmeter is the perfect instrument for you. It has a very minimal pressure drop, making it highly accurate. It provides real-time data due to a shorter response time. A thermal mass flowmeter is easily sterilized, making it viable for reuse. It’s the perfect measurement equipment if you’re drilling for gases.

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