Drilling is a complex process that requires a special set of skills to complete. An excellent leader and an efficient project manager can handle any crisis during the drilling process and solve any issue at hand. Read on to find out how leadership and project management play their part in a ensuring a successful drilling project.

Relationship Building

Drilling projects can take as long a year to complete. Hence, the higher management must builda relationship with the workers. While project managers would want to build their rapport with relevant stakeholders and people associated with the supply chain of the project, a leader would want to connect with the labour force to ensure workers stay motivated and deliver on time.

Public Speaking Skills

Drilling projects are unlike conventional corporate projects. Communicating via emails during drilling isn’t enough. While a project manager would prefer communicating online to avoid the hassle of going to the drilling site, a true leader would physically meet with drilling workers to prevent any miscommunication. During the project, there may be times when the workforce feels de-motivated, which is where public speaking skills may come in handy. An efficient leader would want to speak to their workers directly to understand their problems and work on them.

Outcome Responsibility

The main difference between a leader and a project manager would be the distribution of credit during the success of a project and the acceptance of failure. True leaders are not afraid to own up to their mistakes or give out credit where it’s due. A drilling project can have many problems, such as pipe sticking or mud contamination, and handling these problems effectively is only possible when the management has accepted the failure and makes efforts to find practical solutions.

Final Words

A drilling project can only be successful if the project manager leads from the front. Leadership qualities coupled with the technical knowledge of a project manager can make drilling effective.

A drilling project manager speaking with his employees.

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