Canada is the world’s fourth-largest oil-making nation. Oil has become an integral part of our lives, and we have become dependent on it. It is acquired from the core of our earth through drilling methods. The process of drilling oil is complex and very risky. Read on to find out the risks attached with oil rigs and how pressure sensors can assist in mitigating those risks.

Why Are Oil Rigs Risky?

Whether it was the oil ranger disaster near the Canadian Atlantic Ocean in 1982 that claimed the lives of 84 crew members, or the 250,000 oil spill accident in 2018 near Newfoundland, oil rigs have always been at risk of calamities. Oil drilling requires heavy machinery, and if that machinery malfunctions, it can cause deadly fires and oil spills that have led to many accidents historically.

What Are Pressure Sensors?

Pressure sensors are part of drilling instruments that are used to provide pressure data in drills. They are used for various purposes, including seismic sensing, temperature sensing, measurement of the flow rate of the drilling fluid, and hydrocarbon content measurements. The sensors are connected with computers to provide data that can be used to analyze the effectiveness of the drilling process.

How Do They Save Lives?

Pressure sensors are strapped to drilling instruments and provide real-time pressure data. Constant monitoring of the data can prevent accidents. Pressure sensors come with a warning system that can signify when the pressure is too high or low. The warning system will let you know when to precautionary measures to prevent loss of life.Pressure sensors are coated with powerful casings to provide data even during harsh conditions. Moreover, the latest pressure sensors contain a black box that records data that can be retrieved after an accident.

A pressure sensoris being used to measure drilling pressure.

Acquire Pressure Sensors From a Trusted Source

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