The recent energy and water crisis that the US and Canada are facing makes drilling more crucial than ever. The land has more to offer than we think; exploration through drilling can help us get an idea of the scale of untapped resources we have. Drilling can be performed in various conditions and through different processes. One such process is the bucket auger drilling method. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Is The Process?

As the name goes, the bucket drilling method uses a cylindrical bucket with blades on its sides to drill holes in the ground. The bucket is attached to a drilling torque which rotates it and pushes it downwards. The sharp blades on the sides assist in cutting through the land. Once the bucket is filled with deposits, it is raised to the ground by fracking cables. The waste material is dumped, and the bucket starts to drill again. If you need to drill a hole of upto a hundred feet in depth, the bucket drilling method is the perfect solution for you. You can also increase the diameter of the drilling hole by using buckets that are ten to sixty inches in diameter.

Where Is The Bucket Auger Drilling Method Used?

The bucket drilling method is only successful if the water table is around eight to ten feet near the surface. This method is used to drill in glacial areas with small deposits. These small deposits are easily filled in the bucket, making the bucket auger drilling method the most viable option.

Advantages Of Bucket Auger Drilling Method

The bucket auger drilling method is gaining popularity due to its vast advantages. The process requires minimal fluid, making it cost-effective. The whole drill is easily accessible which makes it easy to sterilize and decontaminate the drilling instruments. Conventional drilling methods can take a lot of time to complete. However, the bucket drilling method can conduct drilling at rapid rates, providing results in a short time frame.The whole process is quite simple which makes it easier to monitor. Moreover, recent variations in the bucket drilling methods have ensured the prevention of cross-contamination of the drilling fluid.

A bucket placed on a drilling site.

Get Your Drilling Project On Track

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