Canada’s drilling rigs had decreased from 534 in 2005 to only 93 in 2020. The main reason for the failure of drilling firms is the lack of awareness amongst them about using the right drilling instruments.

If you want to increase productivity in your oil rigs, go over this Iist of the essential equipment you’ll need.

Weight Indicator System

If you’re looking for a durable drilling accessory that can provide accurate weight readings, then you need to get a weight indicator system for your oil drilling rig. A weight indicator system generally uses a hydraulic gauge that is attached to the drilling pipe. As the tension fluctuates in the pipe, you get accurate readings on your equipment

Every oil rig isn’t the same and can require different types of weight indicator systems. This is why we recommend you buy this instrument from a reputed firm that provides a wide range of weight indicators, including bulk tank, deflection type, electronic coil tubing, and pad-type weight indicator systems.

Pressure Gauge

Imagine the pressure your machines must face when you’re drilling into the earth’s surface, and it doesn’t take long for the pressure to increase exponentially and harm your equipment and your workforce.

This is why it’s your responsibility to get pressure gauges to monitor the pressure at all times.

Trash Pump Part

When you’re drilling for oil, it’s no surprise that the oil may be contaminated with other materials. To fully clean the oil, you’ll have to transport it to a refinery, but you can partially clean the oil using a trash pump part. It sucks the contaminated material from the oil, helping you clean it before you send the oil to the refinery.

Close up of a trash pump part

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