Canada imports oil from the US and Saudi Arabia due to decreasing oil rigs in the country. This decrease in oil drilling in the country is mainly due to the lack of knowledge about adequate oil drilling and extraction processes.

In this blog, we aim to bridge the information gap by outlining the steps of the oil extraction process.

Step 1: Prepare The Oil Drilling Rig

Oil drilling is a sophisticated process that requires proper research before it can be executed efficiently. Before you start drilling, you need to choose the area where you’ll be drilling. Once the area is finalized, find out whether drilling is allowed per the local and state laws.

Step 2: Start Drilling

As soon as the preparation phase is over, it’s time for drilling. Make sure you’ve bought all the drilling instruments from a reputed firm to ensure a smooth process. Firstly, you’ll have to set up the oil rig by placing the main drill and connecting all the computer systems with the main drill to transfer the data.

Other equipment you need on site includes pressure gauges to ensure the pressure in your drill pipes doesn’t exceed limits and trash pump parts to partially clean the oil.

Step 3: Pump The Oil

Once you’ve drilled and found the oil, it’s time to pump the oil trapped between the rocks. Take out the drill, and install the pipes that can pull out the oil at high speed and directly transport it into tanks. You should then attach these tanks onto vehicles that can take the oil to the refinery, where it can be cleaned, processed, and finally delivered to your esteemed customers.

Get Drilling Instruments For Your Oil Rig

Oil extraction is a complex and expensive process. Even the tiniest fault in your drilling equipment can cost you a lot. This is why you should make no compromises when buying the drilling equipment.

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