Important Facts About Your Drill Pipe

Drills are an essential instrument in the oil rig industry. Without them, there would be no crude oil or petroleum. And without drill pipes, there would be no drills at all! The hollow steel pipes are singlehandedly responsible for transporting fluid from subterranean conditions to the drill bit, from where the process begins!

3 Most Important Oilfield Tools

Oilfield drilling is a complex process that needs the use of high-quality instruments in order for things to move along without any troubles. From beginning to end, different kinds of equipment are used to make the job less overwhelming for the workers. Here’s a list of commonly used tools used in an oilfield.

How Pumps Are Ideal for Moving Fluids

Pumps are great for moving fluids quickly and with minimal effort. You can use pumps for a wide range of purposes. For instance, you can use them to water your garden, drain bulging waste lines, pump water from your well into the storage tank, or get rid of wastewater from your industry. This blog post […]