Why Is Overmoulding Important?

Overmoulding refers to a manufacturing process that involves the moulding of a unique injection seamlessly between objects to transform them into a compact and unified product. It usually injects a rigid, wax-like, plastic-based liquid component and thermoplastic-elastomer to create an adhesive mould between products. 

A Brief History of Pumps

What Are Pumps? Pumps are designed to perform one primary function; transference of liquids from one location to another. They are used in various industries such as water plants, sewage systems, construction, mining and extraction. Pumps save hundreds of labor hours due to advances in modern technology however, it was a work in progress for […]

How Can I Develop High-Level Drilling Crews?

Why Is There a Need for High-Level Drilling Crews Any operation, whether military, healthcare or chemical extraction can be mentally challenging for team members. A high performing team needs to be developed to operate successfully to solve the problem at hand. Delicate and dangerous operations should have no room for human error and thus instead […]