What is the Importance of Process Instrumentation

When we’re talking about any type of process industry, where you’re not working with discrete batches of products—taking measurements is a sensitive and crucial concern. Since there’s no way of discretizing the production outcomes in these industries, you need real time data to measure performance, enforce safety protocols and manage production lines. When we consider […]

The Worst Oil Rig Accidents in History

Oil excavation is one of the deadliest professions across all other occupations in the modern commercial industry. Owing to the highly volatile nature of natural fuels before processing and extreme environmental conditions, nearly 51.7% of all the people working in excavation are fatally injured on the job. This figure points out how dangerous working on an […]

The Anatomy of an Oil Rig

When you go looking for detailed schematics for oil rigs, you’re likely to find multiple designs that will leave you confused. This is largely because most literature outside of textbooks doesn’t tell readers that different oil rigs are used depending on the environment that you’re drilling in—underwater drilling rigs are a little different from those […]

Digital Pressure Gauge or an Analog One?

Analog pressure gauges were all the rage once. With readings that have been provided through sensor technologies and their measurements of below-atmospheric pressure, they were used across the board before digital pressure gauges became all the rage. Although analog pressure gauges have been known to provide reliable and quick pressure readings, industries are increasingly adopting […]

Choosing The Right Pressure Gauge: A Beginner’s Guide

From planning processes to managing workers, there are many challenges that you will experience on a daily basis when you’re in the oil industry. One of the most difficult challenges that you can encounter is choosing the right instruments for processes. This is especially true when it comes to choosing pressure gauges.