3 Maintenance Tips for Your Drilling Rig Hydraulic Systems

Proper maintenance of your drill rig equipment and systems is essential for maintaining their performance and maximizing useful life. This includes the hydraulic systems used in the rig. Regular maintenance can not only prevent breakdowns, but it can also cut down costs associated with hydraulic system failures; not to mention the many hours lost during downtime waiting for the system to be repaired.

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3 Benefits of Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Over the last few decades, overmolding has changed the functionality and appearance of cable assemblies dramatically. The overmolding process utilizes injection molding to force materials into mold cavities through a great deal of pressure. The most popular materials used for cable assemblies are thermoset or thermoplastic materials.

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Drilling in the Technological Age: Reshaping the Industry

The term “digital oilfield” has been around since the late 1970s, when 2D and 3D computerized technologies were used for seismic testing. It’s recently become a popular buzzword as companies look for ways to cut costs and increase productivity using digital solutions. Let’s look at how the oil industry is investing in tech to manage their assets effectively.

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